Ferne, you are an amazing woman!

hair/makeup jessica leong photography shannon b photography

hair/makeup jessica leong
shannon b photography

So glad to have met you. I had such a fun time with you and am super happy that you loved your look for the photoshoot!
What a pleasure it was to work with you and Shannon.(And what a small world!) Take a look through Shannon’s website. She is so inspiring and has a knack for capturing beauty in everything she photographs!




What a whirlwind this summer has been. It has been an amazing and amazingly busy wedding season for me and I’m so thankful! This is my favorite time though, the wedding bookings are slowing down a touch going into fall, I have a bit of time on my hands for some family outings (on weekends!) and even a little vacay booked with the hubbs, AND the photos from all of my beautiful brides start rolling in!

This is Brittany, she is stunningly beautiful and such a sweet girl! I wish her (and her new husband) nothing but the best….

Thank You!

*Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography.

The product combination you need for eye makeup with some serious staying power!

1. Stay Don’t Stray Primer by Benefit is an amazing concealer and eyeshadow primer. You need a primer on your eyes so that your makeup has got something to grab on to. This should always be the first step for your eyes and your face. Primers really help eliminate or minimize any creasing or smudging and give your makeup way, way more staying power.

2. M.A.C Paint in any of the colours will work but Stilife is my all-time fav! Really, any cream shadow will work for this step I’ve just loved this product for years, know it works with virtually every colour you could possibly think of to layer over it and lends a beautiful soft champagne coloured shimmer to the lids. Adding a cream shadow before your powder product makes the pigments really pop! An added benefit of this step is also that layering the cream shadow or paint makes your eye makeup water-resistant! Which every girl loves….I wouldn’t go swimming and expect perfect makeup upon your exit, however it really does the trick for rainy or humid days and for tears. If you have problems with teary eyes from allergies or contact lenses this is a must!

3. Now apply your chosen shadow. Remember to pat your product on instead of swiping from side to side. (That puts the shadow on and then promptly takes it off again! If you pat gently over your lid area you will get  more even coverage with less “fall-out!”) Josie Maran is in my kit and being used quite frequently these days. The pigments are really concentrated and have a lovely texture…..also love that the line is a natural and organic makeup line dedicated to pure, toxic free & eco-friendly beauty products.

Obsessed with…nail polish!

I officially have a new obsession.

I’m usually the girl sleuthing through every store looking out for great makeup finds, but lately I can’t stop looking for NAIL POLISH! I’ve never really been that girl. I like the way a great mani looks, but I never seem to have the time to keep them up, until all of these fun colours and top coats started appearing everywhere. Now I can’t stop looking at them.

Even the names of all of the Summer collections are fun and cheeky. It really makes me want to paint my digits in new colours every day, which in fact I have been! I find myself planning my new polish part way through the day and even find myself looking forward to the kids going to bed so I can create something new and fun on my nails!

See! So fun, and this polish is really great. The colours are fun and so are the names….

There are so many great tutorials out there and boards on pinterest dedicated to nails.

More to come!